I am constantly tinkering with my home decor and like most, my poor bedroom is often put on the back burner and the space clients ask for the most advice on. It’s easy to avoid giving this space the attention it deserves as its often hidden behind closed doors, but I promise, it doesn't take much to get it in tip-top, show-off-to-guests shape. Some simple bedding paired with a beautifully styled (and functional) nightstand will set you off in the right direction. With a few design tricks, your bedroom will be your favorite retreat in your home. There are some simple decor ingredients needed to pull together an effortless and inviting style.

The Ingredients

Perfectly-scaled lighting

A lamp on a nightstand is a no-brainer for logistical purposes. But it's important to properly scale the size of your lighting to your nightstand and bed. If you have a petite bedside table, an equally petite lamp would work best. Make sure the size doesn't fight with the scale of the substantial nightstand or headboard. Bonus: find one that can be dimmed for extra ambiance.

A tray to keep items organized

Everything looks more purposeful and put together in a tray. If things feel too cluttered or busy, a clear acrylic version works great to keep the vignette light and airy. Find something that is roughly the depth of your nightstand but shorter than its length. Add in books (whether just for looks or to actually read!), a small vase with colorful flowers, a candle for ambiance, and if it fits, a little personal memento.


A bowl that collects the stuff

Keep a small, decorative bowl near your bedside to catch anything you take off, like jewelry or glasses. That way, they're easy to find in the morning. It also helps to keep spaces organized and clutter free.

A tidy stack of books

These really are a great universal accessory around the home! Take the covers off hard cover books you have lying around and group together by size or color. They can also be used to add height and dimension.

Layer with art

No space is complete without a piece of art or two that speaks to the look and feel of you and your home. Stuck on what to use? You can never go wrong with personal black and white photo. Remember, this is your own personal retreat!


I always say you can’t beat a beautiful glass vase of fresh flowers. Peonies or hydrangeas always add that touch of luxury and romance in a master bedroom or a beautiful delicate fern in a small decorative vase is a nice final touch to a guest room.